How To Find And Set Up Your Retargeting Pixels

The layout of a specific site might vary from what you see in these pixel setup videos or from the images in the pdf file. The owners of these sites update and upgrade them from time to time. It might also vary depending on what device or browser you use yourself.

If it doesn't look exactly the same as in our tutorial videos or the pdf, first try to figure out yourself where to find the pixel. If that doesn't work just go do a Google search; "How to set up the retargeting pixel for..."

If you still can't figure it out talk to your sponsor and if he or she does not know send us a support ticket.
Enjoy 🙂 

NOTE! Before you can find your pixel codes, you need to have an account for each one of the social media platforms you want to use!

Set up your first retargeting pixels Facebook and Twitter

Where to find the pixel codes

(Last updated December 18, 2020, 19.30 CEST)
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